14 Peaks of Himalayas is a promising project which consists of climbing all 14, 8000m peaks of the Himalayan range by 2023. I aim to be the first woman to climb all roofs of the world. I have already climbed 6 peaks and I just have three more expeditions to be the first woman from the Balkans who have climbed a total of 9 peaks from the Himalayas.

Country Recognition

There are many reasons for attempting all 14 peaks and each is important in its own right. First, I’d like to raise awareness of Kosova’s and Albania’s highlands, mountains, and nature, to tourists from all around the world. I want everyone to enjoy our beautiful mountains and unique peaks.

Gender Equality Activism

As a female climber, I also want to raise awareness on the gender issues in our society – Yes, it is possible that a female from Kosova can climb the world’s highest peaks. I do wish this will encourage more girls to dream big and climb the hardest peaks.

Empowering Youth

I want to bring hope, to inspire people to find ways to conquer their own peaks—regardless of what their personal challenges might be. I want to share my story, challenges, and ambition with the youngsters and even children, and I want to motivate everyone into dreaming big and working to live the dream.

Your help

Your contribution and support mean a lot to me and the wave I influence. I also have great partnership possibilities for your brand or organization if you are to support me financially.

Contact me for cooperation possibilities and a more detailed presentation of how you can benefit from supporting me.