About me

It all changed once I discovered the mountains.

In 2017, I became the first Albanian woman to summit Everest (8848m) the highest peak on earth. At the peak of the world, I unveiled both Kosovo and Albania’s flags to bring greater awareness for nature, the mountains, and human rights in both countries.

Since then, I have climbed Manasulu (8,163m), Cho-Oyu (8201m), Lhotse (8516m), Gasherburum (8080m), thus making me officially the fist women from the Balkans to summit 5X8000 meters peaks. I was also part of the ‘National Geographic Team’ to summit Lhotse South Face in 2019 – reaching 7.800m.

My aim is to climb the remaining eleven of totally fourteen world peaks higher than 8000 meters while campaigning in a multitude of other forms to spread messages of determination, stamina and positivity to people.

Born and raised in Kosovo, I graduated on Economy Faculty from the University of Prishtina with a 12-year work experience in marketing. For seven out of those years, I worked as the Director of Ogilvy Karrota marketing agency, developing marketing campaigns that included major business clients. I was involved in a variety of human rights-based projects, social campaigns aimed at helping women and children, and for five years contributed to the running of the renowned Documentary Film Festival DokuFest as a marketing manager, event organizer and on 2017 she was a Jury Member for Green Documentaries.

In 2015, I left Karrota to embark on a new journey as a mountaineer and a guide, having been an active hiker in plenty time. Nowadays, I pursues many tourism projects, including the Via Dinarica Project or the Reel Rock Festival on 2015, which I directed. I was also involved on a GIZ Project in Albania for cross-border tourism in the Sharr Mountain. I run my own outdoor tours company in the Balkans, the Butterfly Outdoors Adventure (www.butterflyoutdoor.com). I run hiking and yoga, cycling and climbing tours, and also smaller hiking trips for children with special needs, being a firm believer that outdoor activities strongly impact people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

My ultimate goal now is to expose the true beauties of my country to as many people from the entire world.

Having dedicated my life to this, in the course of four years I climbed some of the highest peaks of the world. Musala 2,925m (Bulgaria), Olimp 2,918m (Greece), Ercyes 3,916m (Turkey), Mount Hasan 3,200m (Turkey), Emler 3,500m (Turkey), Mont Blanc 4,880m (France), Monch 4107 (Swiss), Mount Rainer 4392m (USA), Yalung Peak 5,700m, Nurbu Peak 5,800m, Ramdung Peak 5,925m, Labuche 6119, Island 6189m, Ama Dablam 6812m – all of them on Himalayas.

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