Climbing 6 of 14 thousanders, the highest peaks in the world, takes a heavy toll on you. It makes you question your motivation, your purpose. If not careful, it might even crush your spirits.


Loving support from all of you, is what kept me safe and what keeps me going. My heart flies and my mind eases when I see so many kind messages from all of you. I am forever grateful.

However, things do not stop here. My goal still remains to climb all the 14 thousanders (the 14 highest peaks) and become the first Albanian woman to do so.

Why do I want to get into all this trouble, you might ask. It is a fair question, but here’s my answer: To show the world that we might feel small, but we can climb high; To inspire younger girls to aim high and reach even higher; To show my lovely mountains to the world and to invite everyone to see them at least once in their lifetime!

Oh, there is so much more to this.
But I need your help, yet again.

Please support my Utalaya 14×8,000 Expedition, and together we can make history.

Forever thankful, forever proud.

Flutura Ibrahimi

Bank Account: 2020-0001-7141-6535 - Teb Bank
For Transfer outside Kosovo:
TEB Sh. A. Prishtinë, Kosovë
Swift/BIC code: TEBKXKPR
IBAN: XK052020000171416535

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