I was more than happy to be among the young SDG champions on Children’s Day (1 June 2020) where they addressed their everyday concerns regarding the observance of Children’s Rights.

This event was organized by UNKT office in Prishtina and held in the building of Kosovo Republic’s Assembly.

In this event organized by UNKT, I was called to donate my book “Uta of the Mountains” to the future advocates and during my speech, I highlighted that at the core of my vision and activism, the Children Rights, Gender Equality and Environmental Protection will remain as the top priority.

I also expressed my gratitude for the work and advocacy these youngsters are doing and invited them to keep following their passions and stay determined in reaching their goals, especially if the greater good is the main objective.

I really hope my book speaks to these children on a personal level, and it inspires them to dream big and achieve whatever they set their minds to.