Utalaya Foundation is so excited to start another cooperation with UNICEF and the Early Childhood Development Programme (ECD). All children regardless of their gender, ethnicity, status and capability must be offered an opportunity to express their wishes and get encouraged to develop their cognitive abilities, physical skills and artsy creations.

URRA has created a book package which includes Uta and the Mountains Book in three languages (Albanian, Roma and Serbian) and an additional Coloring or Work Book through which children will get engaged in coloring, writing, drawing and planning their exercise schedule together with their mentors.

A quantity of 10,000 books will be delivered to the targeted audience through organized workshops where parents and children will be taught valuable lessons on the importance of physical & mental health, creativity, confidence, gender and ethnical equality , tolerance and inclusion..

URRA’s mission is to reach children of all nationalities in Kosovo and engage them directly in activities that help their overall wellbeing thrive.