Memories from Himalayas Exhibition

Coming back home after each expedition was quite difficult for me to handle. Mostly because I couldn’t meet all the people I loved and cared for but also my fans. I would get thousands of messages with questions and compliments on my achievements. And this was the pathway of coming up with the idea of “Memories from Himalayas” project. After scrutinizing different possibilities, I decided to organize an open to all exhibition where I would present my experience with pictures, gear, and equipment that I used to climb Mount Everest.


On  February 1st – February 9th, with the approval of the director at the National Museum of Kosova, Mr. Skender Boshtrakaj  I had the honor to host my exhibition.

It turned out to be a great idea because a lot of people visited, but I was mostly happy that educators had organized events for pupils of different schools and the visits at the museum had risen at this time.

As a follow-up event, the exhibition was moved to Gjilan for another week, where the Mayor of the Municipality Mr. Lutfi Haziri, supported me in arranging the space.