Lhotse South Face / Upcoming Expedition – Spring 2019

How this story started!


December 2018 I was leading a group of Hiking and Yoga with Butterfly Outdoor Adventure, when Tashi Sherpa, a friend from Nepal called me on phone and asked me if I would be interested to join Lhotse South Expedition 2019. He explained very shortly the expedition and told me that he will put me in touch with Hong, a very known climber from Korea about more details.

It was quite surprised. I was very happy that they invited me on this big expeditions, but I was more scared knowing that people tried this route for 20 years and didn’t succeed, plus, one of the most strong climber died by trying this route ( Kukuczka Death in Lhotse South)

I spent few days doing research about this route, Hongs Expedition and his team …. and at some point I thought maybe they will not write me at all.

Finally, I received an email from Hong, explaining to me the expedition and the team and their experience, and idea to try to climb again Lhotse South Face … at the same time, Hong asked from me some information about more details about me .. my climbing experience, etc. I was hoping to be part of this team, but at the same time I was so scared and afraid about this climb …

After we few sharing few emails back and forward, I got a ‘Yes, you are part of our team’ and I finally decided to join this team, without really thinking so clear.


Few months from that time, I feel strong and ready to challange myself with the next steps. During this time, I have been training really hard, running, crossfit, climbing and iceclimbing … did all the physical preparations and now there are only few more days before the expeditions start.

From the communication that I had with the leader Hong – the group will be in small groups and latter on he will decide who will go for the summit push .. and I know that however it is, I will push myself to go to the top but always very important is to be back safe.

Some of the pics from this route, from my friend Stipe Bozic who send me fee days ago when they tried this face on 1981.


This is the link for details on this expeditions: Lhotse South 2019 

Beside the blog, there will be a team from National Geographic who will be shooting a documentary for the historic climb.