Only one month has passed since the Urra Project has started being implemented throughout Kosova. This project comes as a humanitarian initiative of the UNICEF Office in Kosovo, who in cooperation with Utalaya Foundation are visiting and spreading joy to the children of families in need, in all municipalities of Kosova.

Achievements of the URRA project with the support of the UNICEF Office in Kosovo so far:
☑️In partnership with the UNICEF Office in Kosovo, 5000 packages of didactic materials for children (0-6 years old) have been prepared, all materials carefully selected and packed with lots of love.
☑️‘Uta and the Mountains’ book is completed with its supplementary “Coloring Book”. This coloring book and its interactive content is involving children in creative activities very important for their early development, where parents and especially fathers are being encouraged to spend quality time with children.
☑️These two books that were originally written in Albanian, with the help of URRA, have been translated for the first time into Roma and Serbian following the example of UNICEF that every child is granted full rights.
☑️So far 3500 packages have been distributed in 38 municipalities in Kosovo.
☑️In 6 of these visits, due to the partnership with UNICEF, we managed to engage ministers, mayors, municipal directors of education, directors of social assistance centers, directors and educators of centers for early childhood development, etc.
☑️73% of the packages are distributed to families on social assistance while 23% of the beneficiaries belong to the Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities from the list of Centers for Social Work and in coordination with UNICEF.
☑️Over 300 colorful masks designed for children and parents have been distributed so far.
☑️Uta Ibrahimi, leaving aside her activities for the preparation of future expeditions, has dedicated her presence to children where on each visit she communicates with children, reads the books, colors with them and inspires them to believe in their dreams.
☑️Voluntary engagement of public figures and influencers in the URRA campaign, participants are increasing day by day
☑️So far 300,000 individuals with the main target being parents and educators engaged in social media.
☑️ We have managed to engage persons with specific expertise to participate in TV shows and raise awareness of the importance of early education in physical and psychological terms.
☑️High commitment to writing the letter for “URRA TIME MACHINE” of over 50 parents and children.
☑️10 winners announced for the Prize Game, four of whom received the gift and had the opportunity to discuss with Uta, while 8 others are waiting to be contacted over the next week.
Urra and UNICEF will continue with the same energy in the coming months so continue to follow our activities to discover the next surprises that await all of us!